LJS responsibilities start from the ground up. The firm oversees major filling operations thereby minimizing any future settlement problems. Construction and reconstruction of local streets and highways to include new sanitary, storm, combined and water supply structures on grade and piles; new roadway concrete base, asphaltic concrete wearing course, curbs and sidewalk; improvement to street lighting, traffic signs and signals and fire alarm systems; adjustment of roadway utility castings, milling and resurfacing of existing road surface. Our responsibilities include the coordination with the testing labs, specifically preparing location maps and in-field support services to assure quality control and compliance with agency and contract document requirements.

The application of computer systems and software has become a vital part in providing quality design and construction management/inspection services. The firm's computer capabilities, in keeping with current technology, include latest AutoCAD, the complete complement of Eagle Points Civil Engineering / Surveying Software and various CPM programs. The management of construction projects are fully computerized to handle the complete spectrum of recording and tracking of daily unit pay items and quantities and shop drawings; preparation of order on contracts, partial monthly and final construction payments and various budgetary and progress reports; compilation of pay items, payments and various reports customized to meet specific requirements of each

Provide supervision of excavation for major university work. Provide relocation of underground utilities which fall within proposed building footprint and site boundaries. Field sketch and supervise the location of all established areas. Provide Master Planning and final design services for complete infrastructure.

Construction of complete waterfront facilities. Work consists of repairing concrete bulkhead piers and wharfs on wooden and concrete piles; and underwater placement of reinforcing bars and concrete.

Site Planning & Development
Street & Roadways
Drainage & Flood Control
Environmental Engineering
Water Supply & Utility Systems
Waterfront Facilities
Bridges & Tunnels
Site Data Collection & Evalution
Planning & Feasibility Studies
Agency Permits & Approvals
Design & Construction Documents
Construction Supervision
Field Surveying
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